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Time:04:00 pm

Fuck knows when the next Pleasure Avalanche will be released, I actually forgot about it until yesterday when Bob reminded me. So yeah... just send me some articles (pleasureavalanche@gmail.com) and I'll have a look. Anything released this year, album/film-wise, as we intend to do a kind of 2005 retrospective affair type thing (covered that one well, eh).

Probably some discos/gigs from the Pleasure Avalanche 'stable' coming up soon too... more news on that as it happens. Currently just Amida - 30th Dec @ Glass, Fallowfield, 25th Jan @ Retro, Manchester (supporting 'The Hazy Janes'... why is that name familiar? They have a deal).

Oh, and join _amida if you haven't already.

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Time:02:58 pm

Remember when we used to write a fanzine?

Well, yeah... we still sorta do. My computer is broken at the moment, but all the articles are safe, so once again we’re planning a release in 4-5 weeks. With this there is the likelihood of an Amida gig to ‘celebrate’ the release, together with a disco DJ-ed by some peeps.

So get writing. Any recent albums, films, books, singles you’ve seen, write about it. Any ideas for vaguely funny satirical articles at all? Write them. Send them to James’ e-mail or pleasureavalanche@gmail.com. My computer should be up and running by weekend/early next week.

Upcoming gigs...

Broadcast Night & Day 27/09/05 £9.50* The Fall Man Uni 01/10/05 Eels Apollo 13/10/05 £19.25 Dandy Warhols The Ritz 25/10/05 £13.75 The Kills Man Uni 27/10/05 £9.50 The National Night & Day 20/11/05 £9* Sons & Daughters Hop & Grape 22/11/05 £9* Tom Vek Man Uni 20/10/05 £8.50

*I reckon I'll get in for these, the others I'm not so sure. Going to try for them all though. Anyone interested? I'll probably get about 3 free tickets for each gig. You'd have to do a review and/or do an interview in order to get chosen.

Any questions?

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Current Music:Kraftwerk - Robots
Time:08:07 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Its prilbot here.

This place seems somewhat ignored, I felt sorry for it.

We need:

A) new icon (as this one keeps oddly failing, unless twas a glitch)
B) To make party at my house monthly for zine/disco needs.
C) Disco
D) A fricking zine!

So how about it, a gathering at mine week after KF?
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Time:01:00 pm
All you writer types - can you send me, young Robert Marland a picutre of yourself? You can bother me on my journal or my email. Which is sergelapelle at the hotmail of the dot com kind.
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Time:03:05 pm

The new Pleasure Avalanche will hit the streets within the coming weeks.

Here is what you can expect to find within it's tiny little pages;

Interviews with: Art Brut, Dave Graney (The Moodists), Richard Herring (Lee and Herring), Hood, Vini Reilly (The Durutti Column), Sons and Daughters.

Live reviews: Beck, Damien Dempsey, Glastonbury Festival, Le Tigre, R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney, Truck Festival.

Plus random crap like cartoons from Jickle (ss_biscuits), nonsensical articles about gay sex from Bob (sergelapelle) and many other delightful things from me (flippy_floppy) and about three other people.

So if you like these people... read it... if you don't... read it anyway, because then you can laugh at them.

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Subject:How could an eel stand trial anyway?
Time:02:09 pm
Well Just Fanc-eel That!Collapse )

Just a reminder that you should all come to THE FONT BAR on FRIDAY, or suffer an electric shock.

From an eel.

-The Serg
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Time:12:16 pm
Hello there

Just so you know... the suspected release date of the new issue is 8th July 2005, which coincides, by no coincidence with a disco thingamajig at Font Bar off Oxford Rd. Organised once again by chico_mi_tipo, (you know, the blonde one), and DJed once again by me (flippy_floppy) and probably sergelapelle as well. I'd be quite happy for other people to help out and DJ as well, as I don't particularly relish another night stuck behind the decks, but I'm not promising anything. I'll see what I can do.

A reminder - I really want more people to contribute, so if there is anything you want to write about, just drop me a line @ pleasureavalanche@gmail.com and tell me. This includes any recent gigs you've been to, any newly released albums you've bought/downloaded/stolen (re-issues are fine). You know you want to.

There are some benefits to being part of the team... I am now getting pretty regular promos and if I can't be arsed with them I'll just hand them out for others to review and keep, also I'm getting press passes for gigs often as well, so everyone's in the running to help me out with the interviews and reviews.

Watch this space.

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Time:04:24 pm

Pleasure Avalanche was dead... but I've decided to revive it. Perhaps for just one more issue, it all depends.

Do you think we can finish it by the end of the month? I need to know asap... I have a good few articles written, but obviously need more. Comments would be greatly appreciated. The sooner I find out the sooner I can sort everything out - perhaps hiring the Font Bar again for yet another launch, or just sacking it all together.

Everyone who wants to contribute must comment here, or speak to me otherwise... I'm tired of all the messing about. If you want to help tell me what you're going to write and by when, and if you've been involved in the past but want no further part in it then tell me! I shall be circulating the list of potential articles again in the next few days.

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Time:12:37 pm

I'm sure many of you will be pleased to know that I've been left with little choice but to delay the release of the 3rd Pleasure Avalanche. I don't know when until, probably no more than three weeks or so. This doesn't mean you can continue to slack off like has been the case recently however.

From now on if you are going to contribute, say you will contribute a manageable amount, so that you can actually finish it as well as ensuring it's of a high-standard.

If you want no part in it at all don't promise me you'll do articles... seems fair doesn't it? E-mail me/talk to me on MSN with any ideas for articles etc.

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Time:11:26 pm

I think everyone is a selfish fucking bastard and deserves to die. I asked you to write things weeks and weeks ago and I have about four finished articles, none of which are particularly good/interesting, and are just straightforward reviews.

If you ever have a problem or something then I'm there to help you out, I'm forever doing people favours, yet when I have a problem or ask something of you nobody gives a shit and says I'm being "emo" or "whiney".

So, in short, unless you can all pull something out of your arse and fucking write all you said you would before weekend, then that's it, I'm out. I want an apology, because the way I see it you've all let me down. Once. Again. This happened last month and I was told it would change, and if anything it's got worse.

I see you're all rather willing to get the free gig tickets I've worked fucking hard to get, or are there to reap the benefits and take credit for what is essentially mine and Bob's work, yet when it comes to helping one of your friends out you can't be arsed. So that's it now, I'm fucking sick of you all, and if you have a problem you can go and fuck yourself before you tell me.

So, what are you going to do?

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